Saturday, February 27, 2010

President's Day Part 1

As always you can go to the group's flickr page for more photos.

On February 15, most of us got the day off for Washington's Birthday (The official, government name for President's Day). All federal offices, but some people working in the private sector had to go in to work and were not able to join us. For me, it was my 10th day off from work in a row. With two weekends, the federal government shut down for snow, and my boss kind enough to give me Friday off as well, this acted as sort of a mid-winter/spring break.

Most CMC students know that one of the perks of the school is that if we get enough people to go to an activity together, we can get funding from Jim Nauls at the Dean of Student's office. Many people on campus use this for things such as tickets to an Angels game, a concert, or Universal Studios. One of the neat things about the DC program is that you are still eligible for money from Jim Nauls. With Monday off for Washington's birthday, we decided to try out Fogo de Chao.

For those of you who have never experienced Fogo de Chao, it can be a little overwhelming at first. It's pretty much an all-you-can eat steakhouse, with a massive salad bar. You have a coaster, with one side red and one side green. Red means stop, green means go. If you're ready for meat, there are servers assigned to each dish, and they will come to your table and see if you would like any. These range from filet mignon to chicken breast wrapped in bacon. They will pretty much come at you non-stop until you tell turn your card over. You can see one of them serving Isaac in the first picture. The best part was that instead of being the usual $40 for lunch, it turned out to be about $12 per person because of the generous support of CMC.

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