Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finding an Internship Part 2

After letting the last blog post sit for a day, I realized I missed some important components of the internship search process.

First off, the career center is always available to look at your resume and give you tips about a cover letter. For the DC Program, you're supposed to include information about the program as well as contact information for Dr. Spalding.

The off-campus study office also has you submit the cover letters you sent to the potential internships, along with a resume. This helps you keep on the right schedule for finding an internship and makes sure that you are sending out enough applications. This is really helpful if you need deadlines in order to make sure you get things done.

One internship location that I should have mentioned is Wexler and Walker, where Meredith is interning this semester. This consulting firm has hosted a Washington Program student every semester for quite some time (I've heard 9 years?). So, they are an option that is known for providing substantive work for students and work well with the program. They are aware of the schedule and the demands of CMC students, so would be an easy transition to move into.

Dr. Spalding and the Washington program likes to make sure that all people are doing substantive work rather than just running to get coffee and grabbing people's lunches. They usually have pretty good direction on how to make sure that you can get this. They can tell you what places have good reputations and bad.

Also, at on-campus orientation you will receive this which tells you what NOT to do.

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