Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day

Today the Federal Government is officially CLOSED. Today class was canceled. Today there is no bus service. Today the Metro is running slow. Today the streets are clogged with snow. Today is a SNOW DAY. As a native Chicagoan, I have had some snow days in my life (funny enough never while Secretary Duncan was the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools,) but never have I seen a city buckle with 24 inches of SNOW. When you come to Washington this website will become your best friend, OPM, this is the Office of Personnel Management, the federal agency that among other things declares the operating status of the federal government.

And although I would normally enjoy the snow day off, the responsibilities at the office pile up. All of today's meetings have been rescheduled for tomorrow. All of today's to do list gets added to tomorrow's list. But, I will stop thinking about the long to do list and enjoy the cable TV, going out for lunch, and perhaps taking a nap.

For our classmates in Claremont, our class tonight has been canceled (but has been rescheduled.) Georgetown, American, and George Washington University are all closed today. The public libraries and public schools are closed. The DC Government is open, whats with that?

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