Friday, February 5, 2010

Anytime Mr. Secretary

With the "imminent snow storm" coming several people were absent from the office, there also seems to be some type of flu going around, and the intern had to step in for some staffers. I filled in for the receptionist responsible for all of Secretary Duncan's appointments, his conference room, and the general Department of Education phone number. I have never been so nervous answering a phone, with the possibility that they could ask for anything! During the day Secretary Duncan passed by, offering is thanks for filling in. As the Secretary of Education he has many visitors throughout the day. It's difficult to reform our nation's education system, and he needs the support of governors, school districts, and education departments across the country. Yesterday included visits from Governor Bob Riley of Alabama, and Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio (and of course all of their security details and staff.) So far, this has been the most exciting day at the office, not everyone gets to chat with two governors in one day!

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