Thursday, November 29, 2012


I’m by no means an athlete, but I like to get my workout on now and again. Back on campus I sometimes like to venture out to the Tiernan Field House at Scripps, and sometimes, when I’m super desperate, I’ll even go to Ducey. Unfortunately, however, there is no Ducey gym in Washington D.C, so I decided to pick up jogging. I have been a consistent jogger in the past, and I tend to like the activity, but as the DC winter crept up, and the cold blew in, jogging became impractical. So, my roommate Abby and I began to hunt for a gym.

Let me be blunt, the gym hunt blew my mind. I never knew that it costs so much to look fly. The first gym that I toured was the YMCA…the YMCA! I thought that Y’s were supposed to be inexpensive community gyms for people who live in urban areas… I was so wrong.

In DC, a student membership to the YMCA is $60 a month plus a hundred-dollar starter fee! If you’re not a student then it costs $75 a month! I wouldn’t pay a gym that kind of money unless they had a ‘we can make you look like Adriana Lima’ guarantee. I mean, for that much money I could just pull a Heidi Montague and have plastic surgery!

Obviously, I was disheartened, but then fate stepped in.

One day, while I was perusing the World Wide Web I came across the website for the Holy Grail, also known as Washington Sports Club. WSC has a trail membership deal that allows you to join for a month for the bargain price of $30! Not only are the prices good though, the gym itself is amazing. There are Zumba classes ( my favorite), boot camps, ellipticals, and everything else that anyone could ever want from punching bags to dance studios. And to top it all off, the Washington Sports Club has a steam room.

What is a steam room? You might ask. Well, a steam room is a facial for your whole body that costs you approximately 1 dollar a use! It’s amazing, so amazing in fact that I plan to drag my roommate Mackenzie to it right after I publish this blog post.

I dont have a picture of the gym so I thought I would use this one. I'm sure we can all agree that Boehner goes to the gym...probably one with a tanning bed. 

Lesson of the day:
When winter threatens to make you fat, join the Washington Sports Club.

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