Thursday, November 8, 2012


            To make up for this sadness, my household decided to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve several days late with a group party. So we decorated our house, made homemade apple cider and ginger snaps, and sent out a sassy invite.
Hey everybody! Gracie, Abby and I think it is time we
have another group get together. So tomorrow from 5-8 pm
we will be hosting a fall party. We know this is last
minute so we will provide some food etc, but if everyone
can try to rally and bring something that would be great!
Let us know ASAP what you can bring. Costumes
are suggested and there will be a pumpkin carving contest
(with a special prize for the winner). So BYOP... bring
your own pumpkin. Also, Gracie would like this to
be a costume party with a cat theme and, therefore,
would appreciate cat costumes from everybody.
Now just to recap:, BYOP, BYOCC (cat costume)
            Unfortunately, only my roommates, my visiting sister, and I dressed as cats, but hey, we still had a great time! We ate cookies, and, sang songs, and everything was great, that is, until we played charades.
            In my eyes, this final game showcased the biggest downfall of the CMC administration.  CMC produces economic geniuses, debating phenoms and even long boarding pros, but as I witnessed, CMC students are left to graduate with little to no charade skills.
            We were pitiful. So pitiful, in fact, that laughter-induced tears filled my eyes as I watched the group’s feeble attempts to act out simple clues like “Kim Kardashian” and “Hurricane Sandy”. Though I hate to admit it, deep down I know that if we were forced to face a team of Scrippsies with their CORE backgrounds, which undoubtedly included a class or two on interpretive dance, we would have been trounced.
            Regardless of our epic failure at charades, however, the get together was such a success that everyone ended up staying late!
            The next morning, some of us met up to go to the National Cathedral, which is gorgeous! I would very much recommend this activity to anyone, religious or not, just for the cultural and musical aspects.
            Then after the service we headed to the U St Corridor for some Ethiopian food at Dukem.
            All in all it was a great weekend for the DC Program crew!
What a Lady's Man! Get it Nick (Please note the pumpkin garland)
Gingersnap Love :)

Our beauty astounds, or so I've been told

The Gentlemen

The hostesses/roommates (Abby missed the act like cats memo)

My sister! Yes, I know, we look alike.

The Cathedral Crew

The National Cathedral

A big'ol pile of Ethiopian food!

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