Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bursting out of the Claremont Bubble (In a Good Way)

Bursting out of the Claremont Bubble (In a Good Way)

Initially, the fear of leaving the friends, dining halls and Sushi Cruise can be overwhelming. The combination of emotions that go along with moving to DC, getting an internship, and joining real-life build into a sort of finals-week-esque mixture of excitement, suspense, and sleepy-eyed frenzy. Thankfully, with the support of friends, parents, CMC staff and a jam-packed Orientation Week program participants soon find there is no time for looking back. 

(Distance from Green Beach to the National Mall 2,638 miles)

Leaving for CMC and Pomona in order to work a full-time internships and attend class full-time may seem ludacris to some students, but for the Type-A students the program attracts it's a perfect fit. Knowing that we would be embarking on the busiest semester of our undergraduate years, we had a verity of reasons for wanting to come to DC. Some of us wanted to explore a new city and network for post-graduation. Henry, a junior at CMC, says he came to DC because he "was very interested in learning the role played by think tanks and learning more about the world". While other DC interns wanted to find out if politics, government, think-tanks and non-profits were career options they could seriously consider after graduation. Ultimately, we were driven by a desire to take part in something new, challenging and fun. 

Although the semester is only about one month in, many of us have already become comfortable with grocery shopping, paying bills, getting to work each morning, and occasionally having a 'Washington Moment'. 

Stay tuned in for more on our DC lives: Upcoming blogs include where we worklive and spend our free time. 

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Welcome to DC, Sabrina and the spring 2013 student interns!