Monday, January 25, 2010

The Group

There are eleven of us here in Washington. Three sophomores and eight juniors. One from Pomona, one from Pitzer and the rest from CMC. We have all different types of internships in both the public and private sector and some even get paid. Isaac even gets $30 a plate lunches for free through his gig. People also have some other benefits such as a gym or just Ben's ability to bypass the visitor line at the Pentagon. I put a list of all the internships below:

Meredith Doyle - Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates
Angela Estrella-Lemus - Department of Education (Office of the Undersecretary)
Benjamin Forster - Department of Defense
Benjamin Harris (Pitzer) - SEC (Division of Investment Management)
Jenny Hou - Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Bukola Jimoh - Department of Justice (Environmental & Natural Resources Division)
Isaac Kastama (Pomona) - Terry Turner and Associates
Michael Kotler - Office of Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
Jake Petzold - West Wing Writers
Carlos Rivas - Department of Education (Office of the Deputy Secretary dealing with stimulus money)
John Michael Whatley - House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

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