Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Two Days

We have now had two days on the job (Mike Whatley actually started working January 4 and has been working through orientation as well as weekends). As of tonight we have also now had all 3 of our other classes. They are all seminars. In Dr. Spalding's class on liberal internationalism, we went over reading, which looked at the evolution of liberal internationalism. We then had a discussion/debate over trying to come up with a definition for liberal internationalism (It's a lot harder than you would think). Before Dr. Spalding's class on Monday we had the first day of our internships. We all shared stories of our first days as we waited for class to start. We also collectively complained of exhaustion. The DC program will certainly not be easy, we can't take those mid-day naps that we all value. Today we got further settled into our internships. I got my badge today and I know some other people finally got finished with their security clearances. Tonight's class was with Adam Wolfson who will be the instructor as we write our research papers for Government 126. He has a wide array of topics to handle as we suggested topics from campaign finance to nuclear energy. We will have our second class with Professor Haskell on Thursday. His class deals with the Congress and the federal budget. We use a book he wrote for class, reading one or two chapters a week. I have to be at work at 8 am tomorrow so I have to go catch up on some sleep.

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