Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 2- Lucas Brooks

I'm Lucas Brooks, CMC '16. I work for a consulting firm in DuPont Circle called Development Transformations, and my boss is actually a Pomona Grad and alumna of the CMC DC Program.
I live in the NoMa (North of Massachusetts Ave.) neighborhood of Northeast DC with Henry Appel, Aman Ghose, and Dane Brown, all '15 and all great guys. For anybody looking to come to DC this summer or in the future, our neighborhood is great. It's changing rapidly like a lot of DC, and our building in particular is really nice. There's an enormous supermarket on the ground floor which can be reached without ever having to go outside (convenient when it's below freezing outside), a half a block from a metro station and in walking distance of the Capitol. There are also two courtyards, a pool, two story gym, and even a dog park in the building.
The dining and kitchen area

The living room with my brand new 55" TV
One thing that's great about living here is that there are so many passionate, active people trying to fix the problems they see, so there's a lot of opportunity to get involved with the community. Besides my full time internship, I volunteer with an education focused non-profit in the city on Saturdays.
Two kids on our trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
 As someone from the West Coast, seeing a city react to snow is a fascinating experience. One of my favorite things I still can't get over is seeing the snow being blown upwards by the wind outside of the classroom's window last week.
View of Capitol from our apartment during SOTU

Dog in full snow suit
Have a great Super Bowl weekend everybody. One of the best things about being off campus for this semester is that, if the Seahawks win, I won't be in Claremont for the next four months of kids from Seattle gloating. Until next time, 

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