Monday, January 27, 2014

First Impression

Washington, DC: Week 1

City Night Lights
(Does anyone know what the name of this park is? Or how to get there???)

Day 1 of Orientation

"Hi, I'm Annie Hwang! I am a sophomore from Los Angeles, and am interning at 
The Dershowitz Group this semester." 
That was one of the first things Dr. Spalding taught us- how to introduce ourselves in DC. 
Because I'm not Madonna yet (and not in Cali anymore), I have to start using my last name in this formal, conservative town.

Our first day of Orientation Week ended early because DC panicked from the snow. Can you believe the federal government, and basically the whole town, shut down from like one inch of snow? 
And that I never saw snow before this week?! 
Like the North Pole! Get it? haha
Dane and Aman right before being attacked by Henry's snowballs
I was obviously super excited to see snow falling and thought it was the most beautiful thing ever… Until I discovered how painful and harsh Winter can be. 
In Los Angeles, Winter accessories don't exist. Nobody uses gloves, or owns earmuffs. I used scarves for the sole purpose of accessorizing my outfits. But, I have quickly learned that these are not Winter "accessories", rather necessities in this 10-20 degree weather. 
Bare hands vs. Winter
Please buy and use your gloves. 

 Day 2 of Orientation

Dr. Spalding got us tickets to tour the Newseum, easily my favorite part of Orientation Week. It was our first time bonding as a program, not to mention that this museum is amazing! 
If you have a chance, please go visit! 
Every day, the Newseum updates this wall with front pages from newspapers all around the world. 
Dane and Annie on the Newseum wall of fame
This doesn't belong in the Newseum gift shop!

Day 3 of Orientation

This was the longest day of the week, but the most memorable (with, of course, the exception of the Newseum). We toured the Capitol and had lunch with two CMC alumni who work on the Hill. 

Group Picture
Selfie with Jessica in front of the Capitol 
And then, we had this awkward hour and a half before our next meeting with Ben Miller, the Chief of Staff for Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA). 
So, we decided to warm up at the U.S. Botanical Garden. And, it was beautiful.

Nature's colors
Thank you for teaching us so much about coffee! 
Sara and Ben checking the sugar content of water haha

Don't mind the height difference.
It was a long, long day with a lot of walking.
Lucas agrees. 

 Day 4 of Orientation

We had a private, backstage tour of the Supreme Court, followed by lunch at Professor Haskell's new job with Mike Franc, the Policy Director for the House Majority Whip. 

Majestic entrance

The Weekend Before the Start of our Internships

 My roommate Sarenna and I finally got our pots and pans in the mail, so we had to go grocery shopping! I promise there is fresh produce at the bottom of the cart; 
our last stop was just the frozen food section. 
A week's worth of food
My first night out in DC! 
Aman, Nick, Annie, and Henry
The Metro system gets easier!
Tip: buy a Smartrip card, make an online account for automatic payments to ensure that you never have to use those silly machines.
Subway Ride
I am finally settled into my apartment with everything unpacked, and the kitchen stocked. 
One thing that I learned and am so grateful for this experience is the independence. 
Finding my own apartment, signing the lease, shopping for apartment items, installing the Internet, and more, made me realize how difficult it is to live on my own. But, on the bright side, I learned my mistakes and know what to look for and what needs to be done for my next home (after the CMC dorms, of course). 

 And that concludes my first week in DC!

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