Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's like the Ath...

DC  Talks and Special Events

For me, finding an internship that would allow me to attend special events in DC like conferences  think-tank talks, Supreme Court hearings and Senate hearings was really important. And, while I may have stuck gold with finding a flexible and understanding internship supervisor, there is really so much going on in DC that there will always be an opportunity to attend interesting events - and if you develop a strong enough reputation in your office you may be able to ask for a morning off.  

There is a lot to learn in DC and a lot of brilliant people wanting to share their knowledge. In addition to listening to great speakers, DC events are great networking opportunities. When you do meet great people, don't be shy about being a CMC student - DC maybe the only place outside of Claremont where CMC is a recognized and respected institution. 

Photo with Gov. Peter Shumlin of Vermont after he spoke at the annual States-Solutions Conference in DC sponsored by Microsoft-POLITICO. After making at least 5 Ben & Jerry's plugs during his conversation the Governor spent some time in the lobby chatting with guests before meeting with the other Democratic governors and Pres. Obama for lunch at the White House.

Students: Sign up for all the wonderful DC list serves and event notifications you can find (linktank is a great starter) and attend events - some of them have free food...

Supervisors: Be flexible? 

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