Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DC Museums

DC is chalk full of museums, and despite your best intentions at the beginning of the semester, I can tell you that you probably won't make it to all the places you want to see. Here are four museums that I recommend seeing for four different reasons (in no particular order):
  • The National Gallery of Art: The National Gallery has so many amazing exhibits. It's a huge museum, so I recommending setting aside at least 3 hours for checking it out.

  • The Holocaust Museum: Powerful, sobering and inspiring- everyone who visits DC should take time to visit the Holocaust Museum.

  • The Botanic Gardens: Only a few minutes from the Capitol, I occasionally took my lunch break at the Gardens. The garden's are vibrant and beautiful, and the gardeners are friendly, knowledgeable, nerdy and all around wonderful.

  • The American Indian Museum: Not only do you learn a lot from the exhibits, you'll eat some of the best food in DC at the museum cafeteria.
Try and set aside at least one or two weekends a month to check out everything DC has to offer... and don't miss these fantastic museums!

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