Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are roughly 17 other people in DC experiencing the same excitement, stress and workload you are during your time there. It must be something in the water, but CMC manages to select some pretty amazing kids, so it's worth getting to know your whole group. Here are some activities you can consider doing as a whole group, or in small bunches:
  • DC photo scavenger hunt by night- break off into a few teams and explore the wonders of DC. A few suggestions include taking a picture with a CMC alum (Ian McGinnity is usually available if you need someone) and taking a picture with a deceased former president.
  • Apt hang out- stuff all 18 people in a 4 person apartment, buy some Doritos and refreshments and bake some cookies... this is all you need for a fun and relaxing night in DC.
  • For those who are 21, hit up happy hour with the rest of the DC population. The city rests on a fully developed happy hour culture, and as a mere 20 year old, I can tell you I felt left out. You're bound to see some famous faces while you're out (mine, unfortunately, not included)!

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