Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sleepless in your Seat (at work)

Dr. Spalding will remind you again, again again AND again that getting a good night's sleep in crucial to staying healthy and strong. While she is correct (as always!) there are always a few nights when work, papers, readings and a 30 Rock marathon tell you that staying up is the healthy, or perhaps necessary thing to do. If a 3 hours-or-less of sleep night happens to you, keep these drinks and snack in mind to help you stay alter and active at work the next day:

  • Green tea: As someone who is not a big coffee drinker, I get my morning start up from a cup of green tea. It has just enough caffeine to wake you up for your commute, and something about drinking tea over coffee just makes me feel calmer and healthier e (must be all the advertising about green tea's antioxidants getting to me).
  • Chocolate covered coffee beans: While a cup of coffee is an obvious go-to, chocolate covered coffee beans are a delicious way to get a double dose of caffeine. Additionally, studies have shown that chewing on a snack keeps workers more focused and alert. Keep some in your drawer at work for when you feel your eyes getting heavy.

  • Go for a walk: If you feel body shutting down, get up and walk around for a few minutes: Think of a reason to run up stairs and talk to your supervisor, or volunteer to make a signature run for a letter (if you work on the Hill). Staying sedentary always makes you more tired, so getting up and moving is crucial to making it through a sleepy day.

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