Monday, June 14, 2010

Supreme Court

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We went to the Supreme Court during orientation, but on May 3, Angela and I made one more trip there. On that day the Supreme Court announced that the public would no longer be able to enter through the famous front doors of the Supreme Court that are usually depicted in movies and pictures. Since we hadn’t had the chance to do it when we went for a tour (they don’t allow people to enter when the court is actually hearing arguments), we decided we should enter through the doors at least once. We managed to get about an hour off from work (the Court is across the street from the Capitol) just to go through the doors. When we had gone on our tour, Dr. Spalding mentioned that this is one of the few buildings in DC where you can still walk directly up to “power.” The Capitol steps are no longer open to the public to walk into the Capitol and the White House has strict security procedures. Although it was rather anticlimactic to walk through the doors, it is nice to be able to say you walked through the famous doors, which are about 100 feet from the actual courtroom where the justices deliberate. People will still be able to exit out the door after they are done with tours, but they will now direct all traffic through one of the side entrances for a new visitors center.

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