Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guest Speaker: Charles Krauthammer

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On April 26, we met up at about 2pm at the office of Charles Krauthammer, a columnist and frequent commentator on Fox News. He has his own personal office, not far from the CMC offices. We met with him for about an hour and he talked to us about his thoughts on the Obama administration. He criticized how they have handled the relationship with the British and with Israel. He explained how he thought Israel was our strongest ally in the Middle East and that a vast majority of Americans supported a strong relationship with Israel. He also explained that he thought the Obama administration was taking our relationship with England too casually. He said that in the early months of the administration, an Obama official explained that there was “no special relationship” between the two countries. Krauthammer called this ridiculous and said that there was indeed a special relationship between the two countries, and that we needed to be more aware of our standing in the world. Krauthammer then took questions from us (including Dr. Spalding). After we were done, we all went back to work until class again that night.

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