Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Something that you can appreciate while being on the East Coast for a semester is the accessibility of travel. Los Angeles to San Francisco takes 6 hours by car. DC to New York under 4 hours by bus and for $30 round trip. Had I been in LA the trip would have been longer and a lot more expensive. Not all students take spring break off when in DC, and now I have dozens of emails to get through now that I am back in the office. I spent three days in New York, getting to do all of the touristy stuff like visiting Central Park, the Met, Times Square and eating at great restaurants. It is truly a great city, and has a better transportation network than LA. But, I did get the bulk of the rain storm last weekend that hit the East Coast. While you are in DC you have to take advantage of your location, not just in the district, but on the East Coast. Next city to visit: Philly.

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caroline said...

When you plan your trip to Philly, we have lots of resources for you - Twitter at @VisitPhilly, our tourism blog at and our tourism web site at Have fun!