Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Office

As always you can go to the group's flickr page for more photos.

On the Washington Program you will be spending lots of time at the program office. I will give you a little run through of what the office consists of. The office is located at 1101 L Street NW and as you can see from the above picture we are in suite 604.

Everybody is given a key to the office, and every housing group is given a fob, which you swipe in with to get 24/7 access to the building. You will need the fob to access the building and elevators after 6pm and on weekends. As Meredith and I found out, you can't cheat the elevators by taking the stairs up as those require a key which we don't have access to. Just a word of advice, if you find yourself locked in the stairwell, just bang on the door until someone comes and opens it.
As you know the program is open to students from all of the colleges, and it is clearly displayed as soon as you walk in on the left wall. Under the different college's signs are some couches and chairs.

As you walk in, immediately in front of you is the student lounge with two computers and a table to work at. You can see it in the first picture as well. This is a great place to get work done both before and after class. The computers are technically part of the CMC network and are serviced by the CMC IT crew, but unfortunately you can't use your own sign in or connect to the U Drive directly, but you can still connect to the U Drive via the internet as you can from any off campus computer. These computers also print to the office's copier/printer/scanner/faxer which I have more pictures of further down.

Right outside the student lounge and Dr. Spalding's office are some more couches and chairs and of course the CMC campus would not be complete without President Gann's photo on the wall.

If you keep walking past the couches and chairs and Dr. Spalding's office you will enter the main room where you will have classes. There are some extra tables in the back so when there are bigger groups, the rectangle of tables can be made larger. In addition to having class here, this is a great place to do work on the weekends and after work. I actually prefer it to the office. The only downside is that there is only one reacheable outlet to plug in your laptop from this set up of tables. The chairs are a tad bit squeaky, but are very comfortable and lean pretty far back.

On the other side of the classroom are the above couch/chairs. You might not be able to tell from the picture but those leather chairs are recliners and are quite comfortable. In this area is also a photo album with the pictures from past groups as well as a bookshelf full of magazines and other literature, mostly on international relations.

The final room houses the copier/printer/scanner/faxer, which has had some trouble this semester with paper jams, but now seems to be all better. If you turn left when you enter the room, you will see the fridge, sink, and water cooler as you an see below. It is a great place to store drinks and food for late nights working on papers or applications.

The CMC facilities in DC really are great. They are welcome place for class, schoolwork or even a nap to re-energize you.

P.S. Sorry I don't have a picture of the outside of the building, I will try to get one up soon.

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