Monday, April 21, 2014

One Month Left Until The End

Hi! It's my last blog post before the end of the semester, meaning that there are only 3-4 weeks left. It's hard to believe that the semester is already almost over- it went by so quickly... :(

Since the weather warmed up, I've been exploring DC and almost am through with my bucket list.

Here are some pics:

Cherry blossom trees
WWII Memorial - beautiful day out 
Cherry Blossoms in peak
More cherry blossoms because they're beautiful

My best friend from home, Justine, came to visit this weekend! She arrived Friday night and left Sunday morning, so we really only had one full day. But, we got through a ton of monuments and memorials, plus a nice tapas dinner at La Tasca. 

Korean War memorial - a little creepy at night...
Mr. Abe
Reflecting Pool 
yummy yummy tapas at La Tasca
CMC's Alumni Chapter invited the Washington Program to a Nationals Game on Saturday, and it was great. Sarah, Sarenna, my best friend from home, and I went to brunch at Busboys and Poets on U Street before the game - definitely recommend it. When we got to the game, everybody was so happy: the weather was awesome (a bit hot, but not scorching hot), beers, and baseball. Unfortunately, the Nationals lost to the Cardinals by one point, but it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Nationals vs. Cardinals


Excited pt. 2 


I have been dog/housesitting for a friend, and she let me invite a few friends over for an Easter dinner. Unfortunately, half the program had plans, but the ones that could make it got to enjoy some BBQ ribs, shrimp, sangria, and fun!

Easter BBQ Dinner with ribs and sangria
Lucas came over to help me dogsit Koda last weekend
To conclude, the Washington Program has been an amazing experience and taught me so much. I've definitely learned to appreciate good weather, and the precious time that I have. It gave me a real-world experience-- how to find an apartment and figure out the leasing contract, how to navigate my way around a new city, a 9-6 job, etc. I don't think I have done anything more mentally exhausting than I did this semester, especially because I just wanted to sleep after my job, but sometimes had to spend time doing homework or going to class. However, it is very rewarding, knowing that I can do it.

After the Washington Program ends, I will fly home for a couple weeks to finally see my friends and family. Then, I'll return to DC for a summer internship somewhere, but will have a different apartment and internship (and no classes!). After the summer ends, I'm off to study abroad in Spain!

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