Monday, April 28, 2014

Lucas Brooks Last Post

Hello all,

This final blog is dedicated to my boys, Henry, Dane, and Aman. Never would've made it through the winter without em.

Now is a good time I feel to discuss my reflections from this semester and all the things I've learned here in Washington. One of the things I've learned to not take for granted over these past couple of months is the way my parents raised me and the importance of pulling my own weight and taking care of and cleaning up after myself. Though I may have griped about it at the time, every time I tried to leave stuff hanging around the house, or tried to wait until my mom gave in and did the dishes, and she called me on it and made me clean up after myself or do the dishes, I was slowly building up the capacity I needed to make it through this semester. Doing chores with my roommates is very similar.

A valuable lesson we learned too late this semester (as in like 20 minutes ago) is that life is a whole lot easier when you simply don't make a mess (if you use something, clean up and put it away when you're done with it) instead of everybody leaving their stuff all over the apartment and relying on nose goes or some schedule that nobody's ever really kept to decide who has to clean everything up alone. For our last three weeks here together, everyone is dedicated to keeping our amazing apartment clean by trusting each other to take care of our own messes, and by giving Henry broad powers of enforcement. Teamwork makes the dream work.

I'll leave you with these highlights from the last month.
 Ben and Alana when we visited Great Falls

 Aman practicing his new manners on Annie

 Good Friday march through DuPont circle down Connecticut avenue (view from my office)

 Central Park, New York (visiting my family over Easter)
 View from our balcony during the last snowstorm of the year
 Wild deer at the National Zoo with Alana

 Aman made guac
 Dane tried to make cinnamon toast but confused it with french toast
 Luke going for a run on the first nice day in DC

See you soon Claremont
-Lucas Brooks '16

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