Saturday, April 3, 2010


This past week and next week has been "District Work Period" for Congress. This is also known as a "Congressional Recess." To me, it kind of seems like Spring Break on the Hill. The House Office Buildings are quiet, there are no hearings and much fewer lobbyists making the rounds. The cherry blossoms are also in full bloom which has brought in a lot more tourists on both the metro and at the Capitol Visitors Center.

There has been a lot less to do in the office this past week, a couple of times they even sent me home early. Most of the staffers use this opportunity to take some of their vacation days. After the push for healthcare, which included a weekend of being in the office, this has been a welcome break.

Most of the members are back home. Congresswoman Schakowsky came in for the bill signing on Tuesday, but has been back home ever since. The only other member I have seen so far is Henry Waxman. He was in the Rayburn cafeteria taking some pictures with one of the high school groups that is in town this week.

Next week should be a little more hectic though Speaker Pelosi named Rep. Schakowsky to the President's debt commission which will be meeting soon.

Here's a good article by Politico on the

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