Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nuclear Summit

As always you can go to the group's flickr site to see more pictures.

Last week, 47 heads of states met two blocks from our apartment for two days as President Obama hosted the first Nuclear Security Summit. You could say that during those two days our apartment was on the safest block in the country in terms of muggers, but it was the most dangerous in terms of a terrorist threat. Our block was blocked off to vehicular traffic but was open to pedestrian traffic. On our corner was a military humvee along with police and concrete barriers.
The first morning was actually easier to get to work, the roads were closed to cars, but it was open to pedestrians, so essentially I didn't have to wait for any cars or traffic signals on my way to work. The walk back was a much different story. I tried to walk up the side of the street I had come up and usually walk up, but wasn't able to. After about two blocks the police had blocked it off, and there were protesters standing on the corner, making it a little difficult to cross. Right as I was about to, they stopped all traffic in all directions. Two minutes later, what appeared to be the South African motorcade came through the intersection. After that, we were cleared to cross.

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