Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Typical Day in Washington

My name is Helena Bottemiller; I’m a senior Gov major at CMC. I did the Washington Program last spring and had a great experience. I worked at a bipartisan lobbying firm and lived downtown, just two blocks from the White House.

Many interested students have asked me what it's like to live, work, and study in DC. Here is what a typical day looked like:

7:35-7:45 am—Hit snooze, a couple times, and ask myself why I didn't go to bed earlier.

7:55-8:45 am—Get up, check email, check weather, peruse WaPo, NYT, HuffPost, and Politico, get dressed, help my roommate iron his shirt, eat breakfast over the remaining reading for class.

8:45 am—Bundle up (its 18 degrees out). Walk exactly five blocks to work as fast as humanly possible to stay alive--my NW blood is not accustomed to such severe weather!

8:57 am—Discreetly change from comfy walking shoes to less-comfy work shoes.

9 am—Arrive at the office, head straight for the coffee machine. Watch as coffee magically appears (while calculating that I save $70/month by not going to Starbucks every morning). Pick up CQ Today and CongressDaily from my box.

9:10-10 am—Read both publications cover to cover, paying special attention to client issues. Read daily press clippings.

10 am- 12 pm—Catch a cab to Capitol Hill to cover an Energy and Commerce hearing on the DTV Transition.

12-12:20 pm—Write report on hearing.

12:20-1:20 pm—Run home for lunch.

1:30-3 pm—Meeting with client team.

3-6 pm—Work on a New Zealand-US Trade briefing for my colleagues.

6 pm—Walk home (narrowly avoid getting hit by the president’s motorcade), grab books for class and a quick bite to-go.

6:30- 8:30 pm—Seminar

9 – 10:30 pm—Grab a burger and beverage with roommates (FYI: $5 burgers on Mondays at Sign of the Whale: 1825 M St, near the classroom). Walk home.

11 pm-12:30 am—Relax with my three hilarious roommates (no class tomorrow, reading can wait).

1 am—Sleep

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