Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall into DC!

As fall lasts a grand total of about five minutes in Claremont it can be easy for those of us who come from colder places to feel like we’re missing out. I mean perpetually sunny Southern California has its own advantages, but there’s nothing quite like fall. Although I’ve been trying to take advantage of the changing leaves and sweater weather temperatures, it can often be difficult balancing a work-school life with outdoor activities. Between working all day and attending classes at night, sometimes it’s difficult to even see the sun at all. However, despite all the stress and the busy days, Washington D.C. is a great place to live and fall is the perfect time to see it. 

I’m lucky enough to live in a tree lined part of town which means that even a walk to the grocery store seems like a fall activity in itself. I’ve used the lingering pleasant temperatures and pretty trees as an excuse to better explore my own neighborhood and have been taking weekend strolls. The residential streets look prettiest in the fall and the leaf piles definitely make me wish I was a kid again (although the adult in me is now happy that I at least don’t have to rake).

Streets in the neighborhood

 View walking home from work

If you want to immerse yourself even more in the nature, there are plenty of hiking trails within D.C. itself and the views are undeniably the best in October and November.  Some hiking paths within Rock Creek Park are right by the Smithsonian Zoo are not very far from the Woodley Park Metro Station. Even if you don’t live that close to the trails they are pretty easy to get to during the weekend. 

Fall doesn’t have to mean spending any time outdoors though, especially if you’re used to warmer weather and think that 50 degrees is freezing. Fall is also the perfect time to spend the entire Sunday in your apartment drinking hot cider and baking pumpkin bread. 


There are plenty of ways to enjoy fall and, whichever you prefer, fall is the perfect season to spend in Washington D.C.

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