Sunday, September 28, 2014

Boba in DC

Hey everyone! My name is Denys Reyes and I am addicted to boba (also known as bubble tea). Unfortunately, I have yet to find a place that rivals Southern California boba, but half and half does set a high bar so that’s not entirely surprising. However, I have found some boba places you should definitely try (or avoid like the plague) in DC!

Adams Morgan:


I’ve been to Spoon twice and both times I ordered a Thai Tea boba. The first time they blended my drink without asking me and the boba was hard and dry. I decided to give the place another try and this time I was sure to ask that my drink was not blended. Turns out the boba was still gross. I will not return and Spoon was by far the worst Boba place I have been to, ever. It was pretty surprising since the reviews on yelp were mostly positive. However, two other boba enthusiasts(my roommates) agreed that it was awful. There is froyo there, so maybe that is really yummy.

10/10 would not recommend.


I’ve actually never walked in KoGiBow, but I’ve walked outside of it. It's a cute shop (from the outside) and is definitely has the best boba place I’ve had in Adams Morgan. My roommates bought me a Milk Tea Boba that was tasty. They do the blended drink thing that I don't really like, but it isn't half bad.  If you're in Adams Morgan and have an urge for boba, I'd recommend checking KoGiBow.

6/10 would recommend. 

Chinatown/ Gallery Place:


Wok n Roll is very close to the Chinatown/Gallery Place metro, so it's pretty convenient place to stop by quickly. They have a five dollar minimum on credit/debits cards, which is kind of annoying if you just want a $4.50 boba. The boba is pretty good, I went there twice to have Thai Tea Boba and both times I really enjoyed it. It's generally a dine-in/karaoke place so if you want somewhere to buy boba and sit down, choose another place or pay a tip.

7/10 would recommend.

Dupont Circle:


By far the best boba place I've been to thus far. I had a Milk Tea boba and it was delicious! I’m actually not the biggest fan of Milk Tea boba so that’s saying something. It’s not too far from the Dupont Circle metro stop so it is pretty easy to get to. There's also a Teaism near the CMC office and in Chinatown, but the one near CMC closes at 5pm (which is when I get off work) and I haven’t heard great things about the Teaism in Chinatown. The place also has food and other drinks that I’ve heard are pretty great.  

8/10 would recommend.

I've only been in DC for four short weeks, so if you happen to know of any awesome Boba places I've missed, send them my way! 

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