Sunday, March 23, 2014


IT'S SPRING BREAK! And, so much has happened even though I went to work!!!

We had a snow day. I know, it's been a really long winter. It's mid-/late March, and we're still seeing snow... I hope that this upcoming Tuesday is the last of the snow, so that the cherry blossoms can finally bloom and we can all be happy.

Monday's intense snow
I think the cherry blossom festival is supposed to start this Thursday, and it is going to be so beautiful and pink!

I wrote a press statement for an incident that happened in my Congresswoman's district and it got published on her website ANDDDDD the Los Angeles Times and a bunch of local newspapers quoted her press statement, meaning that I got to see my words in print!

I really love my new internship, and I am so glad that I switched. Surprisingly, I don't do as many admin tasks/work as other Hill interns do. I mean, I write constituent letters and pick up phone calls, but maybe like less than a quarter of my time there. The staffers give me substantial work, like revising and writing press statements and speeches; I get to go to hearings and briefings that interest me; and even on the slow days, I watch and read the news, and get the opinions of all the intelligent staffers.

Oh! President Chodosh came to visit Washington, DC, and so we grabbed lunch at this amazing restaurant called the Firefly.

It was great that he spent a couple hours of his time in his busy day to meet and get to know us, as did we vice versa to the prez. Prez Chodosh is great, and I am excited to see how he guides CMC in the future.

I stole this picture from Yelp, but cool interior!
Silly friends
It was a prix fixe menu, and everything was delicious. Let me try to remember what I had: parmesan garlic fries, deviled eggs, kale salad, shrimp and grits, and coconut-lime sorbet! Omg, the parmesan fries were soooooo good - Jessica and I probably ate 2 baskets-worth.

But, that being said, there are so many great restaurants in DC. Despite it being expensive to eat out, I really encourage going out and trying a new place. The good thing is that you can always find a place that is suited to your budget; or, you can find deals on Groupon, or go during happy hour!

My friend came to visit last weekend, and we went to Hank's Oyster Bar for DOLLAR OYSTERS! And, the oysters were fresh and totally safe! I think we only spent about $12-15 each, including tip, for dinner by just going during happy hour.

After work, there was a CMC evening reception with alumni and parents in the Washington, DC area to hear and meet President Chodosh at the Metropolitan Club. It was great to hear advice from alumni and the path they took after graduation -- it made me realize that CMC has a such a great alumni network, and that everybody is willing to help if you ask.

Oh, the best part of the night was when John Faranda took us to Shake Shack! It was my first time there, and I must admit that it is maybe even a little bit better than In-N-Out. Young alumni, CMC staff, and President Chodosh also came for the late-night snack.

Prez Chodosh having a beer after his long day

I went to a Cashmere Cat concert at U Street Music Hall! Here's my favorite Cashmere Cat song: Mirror Maru - Cashmere Cat. DC has a great nightlife, even for those of us, who aren't 21!!! You should check the calendars for 9:30 Club and U Street Music Hall - those are two of the best concert calendars in DC, in my opinion. Their prices are also way  more affordable, than some big concert venues that sell tickets for $60+.

The ticket to Cashmere Cat was about $20, including the service charge. I don't want to share any pictures because it was extremely hot and stuffy, and nobody looked good that night.

I was extremely tired from Thursday night (but, totally worth it!!!), so Nate, who was visiting for his Spring Break, came over for a movie (and wine) night. Yay Netflix!

Great movie

I went to Georgetown early in the morning to get some research and homework done for my classes. It was a beautiful day of high-50s!

I studied outside on the lawn, and went inside the Georgetown library when it got a bit chilly. I must say that Honnold is way better and more organized than the Georgetown library.

After a long day of studying and working, I went out to The Tombs in Georgetown. By the way, I always have a great time there, especially because the crowd is much younger and college-ier.

I can't believe that half the semester is already over, and I still have a long list of museums, parks, and restaurants that I need to visit. When you're in DC or a new city, take advantage of all the free time you have, because the days pass by so quickly.

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