Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alum Event Extravaganza!

Yesterday, one of the most loved CMC personalities, John Faranda, hosted an alumni event at the D.C. class room. In true Ath fashion, cheese, crackers and wine were served as current and past students had a chance to catch up, meet, and mingle. Though most of us lingered on past memories of CMC, Mr. Faranda showed us a slide show of the possible suture of our beloved school. I had a chance to chat with some alumni and hear their thoughts on the past, present and future of our school.

What do you miss most about the school?
  • "The professors! You never realize what a privilege it is to be surrounded by such an amazing faculty."
  • "Collins and the hub. I wish my parents still paid for my meals"
  • "Toga party.... am I allowed to say that?"
  • "The classes, definitely."
  • "Living next door to all of my friends."

What class do you regret not taking while at CMC?
  • "Pitney's Congress class. Everyone who took it still raves about how great it was to this day."
  • "I don't know about classes, but I know I wish I went to the Ath more often."

Do you think campus life has changed at CMC since your time there?
  • "As long as people still work hard and play hard... then no."

What should be CMC's top priority for the future?
  • "More events where they bring alumni back!... I miss campus."
  • "While I was there I always wanted them to let me bring my dog in the dorms.... that's not gonna happen is it?"
  • "The library NEEDS to be open 24/7! I mean seriously, who studies before 11pm?"

Do you miss the D.C. Program?
  • "YES. I miss all the people, the professors and my internship.What I would give to be back."
  • "Well I did initially... until I realized work is a lot easier when it's followed by happy hour instead of homework."
  • "Oh yes. And it prepared me well. Grad school and work would have seemed impossible to accomplish if it wasn't for my experience on the program."

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